DCC Specialties PowerPax DCC Programming Booster

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Overcome programming problems with BLI, Soundtraxx and multiple decoder/loco combinations. Microprocessor controlled unit safely boosts and controls programming power to about 200 mA. When hooked up for programming, unit initially powers programming track to charge-up decoder components like capacitors that would otherwise reduce programming energy and cause a programming failure. Built-in circuit protection, with LED indicator, shuts down instantly in the event of an overload or short to protect the decoder and system programming circuits. Compatible with Broadway Limited locos, Digitrax, Lenz, MRC, NCE, TCS and Soundtraxx decoders in both single and dual decoder configurations and also works with programming software, RR&Co (Train Programmer) and JMRI (Decoder Pro), all sold separately.

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Dieser Artikel: DCC Specialties PowerPax DCC Programming Booster

+ Modelpower Coaling Station

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