Roadnames Info

Abkürzungen der Amerikanischen Eisenbahngesellschaften:

AC&R Aberdeen & Rockfish
A,C&Y Akron, Canton and Youngstown
AL Alaska
ARR Alaska Railroad
AC Algoma Central
AR Allegheny Railroad
ACE Altamont Commuter Express
ALT Alton
AMT Amtrak
AA Ann Arbor
APR Apache Railway
AN Apalachicola Northern
AR&M Arkansas & Missouri
AOR Arkansas-Oklahoma Railroad
AT&SF Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe
AT&SAB Atlanta & St. Andrews Bay
AT&WP Atlanta & West Point
A&P Atlantic & Pacific
ACL&W Atlantic & Western
ACL Atlantic Coast Line
B&L Baltimore & Lehigh
B&O Baltimore and Ohio
B&AR Bangor and Aroostok
B&H Bath & Hammondsport
BL Bay Line
BRoC Belt Railway of Chicago
B&LE Bessemer and Lake Erie
BeS Bethlehem Steel
BS Birmingham Southern
BC Boise Cascade
B&A Boston & Albany
B&M Boston and Maine
BU Burlington
BN Burlington Northern
CaT Cal Train
CW California Western
CZ California Zephyr
C&I Cambria & Indiana
CAR Canadian American Railroad
CF Canadian Forest
CN Canadian National
CP Canadian Pacific
CPR Canadian Pacific Railroad
CA&NW Carolina & Northwestern
CSR Cass Scenic Railroad
CKS Central Kansas Railway
CG Central of Georgia
CoI Central of Indiana
CNJ Central of New Jersey
CePa Central Pacific
CRRP Central Railroad of Pennsylvania
CRRNJ Central RR of New Jersey
CTS Central Transit System
CV Central Vermont
C&C Chattooga & Chickamauga
C&D Cheespeake & Delaware
C&O Chesapeake and Ohio
C Chessie
CS Chessie System
C&A Chicago & Alton
C&EI Chicago & Eastern Illinois
C&GW Chicago & Great Western
C&IM Chicago and Illinois Midland
C&NW Chicago and North Western
CB&Q Chicago Burlington & Quincy
CHTT Chicago Heights Terminal Transfer
CRTA Chicago RTA
CCC&StL Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinnati & St. Louis
C,RI&P Chicago, Rock Island and Peoria
CHR Christmas
COP City of Prineville
CLI Climax
CL Clinchfield
COA Coaster
C&S Colorado & Southern
CMC Colorado Mining Co.
CGRN Columbus & Greenville
CONR Conrail
CBL Coos Bay Lumber
CB Cotton Belt
CO&E Crab Orchard & Egyptian
D&I Dakota & Iowa
DM&E Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern
D-TRE Dallas - Trinity Railway Express
DC Deadwood Central
D&H Delaware and Hudson
De-La Delaware-Lackawanna
DS Delta Southern
DV&S Delta Valley & Southern
DEM Demonstrator
D&RG Denver and Rio Grande
D&RGW Denver and Rio Grande Western
DSP&P Denver South Park & Pacific
DLWR Depew, Lancaster, & Western
D&M Detroit & Mackinac
D&TS Detroit and Toledo Shore Line
DT&I Detroit, Toledo and Ironton
DSR Dismal Swamp Railroad
DM&IR Duluth Missabe & Iron Range
DSS&A Duluth South Shore & Atlantic
DW&P Duluth, Winnepeg & Pacific
D&S Durango Southern
EBT East Broad Top
EEC East Erie Commercial
EMD Electro- Motive Division
EJ&E Elgin, Joliet and Eastern
ETL Ely Thomas Lumber
Erie Erie
EM Erie Mining
Erie-Lack Erie-Lackawanna
E&LS Escanaba & Lake Superior
ET&WNC ET & WNC Company
E&P Eureka & Palisade
FAM Family Lines System
FNM Ferro Nationale Mexico
FDP Ferrocarril Del Pacifico
FLR Finger Lakes Railway
F&CC Florence & Cripple Creek
FC Florida Central
FEC Florida East Coast
FMID Florida Midland
FTR Florida Tri-Rail
FW&D Forth Worth & Denver
FWRR Forth Worth RR
F Frisco
FGE Fruit Growers Express
GF Georgia Florida
GP Georgia Pacific
GA Georgia Railroad
GOT GO Transit
GW Golden Western
GTW Grand Trunk Western
GN Great Northern
GB&W Green Bay & Western
G&ER Greenbrier & Elk River
GFRR Grizzly Flats Railroad
G Guildorf
GM&O Gulf, Mobile and Ohio
HL Helm Leasing
HP Helm Pacific
HLL Hickory Lake Lumber
H&W Hollywood & Western
HN Hutchinson Northern
ICG Illiinois Central Gulf
IC Illinois Central
IliN Illinois Northern
IT Illinois Terminal
I&OR Indiana & Ohio Railroad
IHB Indiana Harbor Belt
IRR Indiana Railroad
IP&C Indianapolis, Peru & Chicago
I Interstate
II Iowa Interstate
IN Iowa Northern
IR Ironton
JC Jersey Central
JD John Deere
KC Kansas Central
KCS Kansas City Southern
KCT Kansas City Terminal
Lack Lackawanna
LB Ladybug
LEF&C Lake Erie Franklin & Clarion
LS&I Lake Superior & Ishpeming
L&HR Lehigh & Hudson River
L&NE Lehigh & New England
LV Lehigh Valley
LP Light Pacific
LRL Little River Logging Co.
LI Long Island
L Loram
L&N Louisville and Nashville
L,NA&C Louisville, New Albany and Corydon
MAE Maersk
MEC Maine Central
MoW Maintenance of Way
MANUF Manufacturers Railway
M&D Maryland & Delaware
MA&PA Maryland and Pennsylvania
MASS Mass Central
MBTA Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority
MCR McCloud River
MRLC Meadow River Lumber Company
MN Metro North
ML Metrolink
MQ&M Midwest Quarry & Mining
MILW Milwaukee Road
M&StL Minneapolis and St Louis
MN&S Minneapolis Northfield and Southern
MC Minnesota Commercial
MD&W Minnesota Duluth & West.
M,D&W Minnesota, Dakota and Western
MiCe Mississippi Central
MP Missouri Pacific
MKT Missouri, Kansas, Texas
MON Monon
MRL Montana Rail Link
M&E Morristown & Errie
NdeM Nacionales de Mexico Railway
NVWT Napa Valley Wine Train
NC&StL Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis
NH New Haven
NJT New Jersey Transit
NMRR New Mexiko Rail Runner
NOPB New Orleans Public Belt
NYC New York Central
NYC&HR New York Central & Hudson River
NYNH&H New York, New Haven and Hartford
NYO&W New York, Ontario & Western
NYS&W New York, Susquehanna & Western
NKP Nickel Plate Road
NYC&StL Nickel Plate Road
N&W Norfolk and Western
NS Norfolk Southern
NCT North Central Texas
NSR North Shore Railroad
NWH North West Hardwoods
NP Northern Pacific
NY&AR NY & Atlantic Railway Co.
OHCR Ohio Central System
OR&W Ohio River & Western
O&W Onedia & Western
ON Ontario Northland
OL Oregon Lumber
OP&E Oregon Pacific & Eastern
PE Pacific Electric
PGE Pacific Great Eastern
PA Pan Am
PAR PanAm Railways
PCL Pardee Curtin Lumber & Co.
P&BR Patapsco & Back Rivers
PEA Peabody
PC Penn Central
P Pennsylvania
PRR Pennsylvania Railroad
PRSL Pennsylvania Reading Seashore Lines
PM Pere Marquette
P&R Philadelphia & Reading
PK Pickering
P&N Piedmont & Northern
PV Pioneer Valley
P&WV Pittsburgh & West Virginia
P&LE Pittsburgh and Lake Erie
PH&D Port Huron and Detroit
PL Potlach
P&W Providence & Worcester
QGR Quebec Gatineau Railway
RB Rail Box
REA Railway Express Agency
R&N Reading & Northern
RDG Reading Railroad
RTA Regional Transportation Authority
RES Rescar
RF&P Richmond, Fredricksburg and Potomac
RG Rio Grande
RGS Rio Grande Southern
RnW Roadname nach Wahl
RI Rock Island
RS&P Roscoe, Snyder and Pacific Railroad
RUT Rutland
SR&N Sabine River & Northern
SFB San Francisco Belt
SF Santa Fe
SEA Seaboard
SAL Seaboard Air Line
SCL Seaboard Coast Line
SG Seminole Gulf
SN Silverton Nothern
SM Smokey Mountain
SOO Soo Line
SOUN Sounder
SB South Buffalo
SPC South Pacific Coast
SS South Shore
SW South West
S Southern
SC Southern Cresent
SP Southern Pacific
SOU Southern Railway
SM Spokane Moulding
SpM Spokane Moulding
SP&S Spokane, Portland and Seattle
SLA St. Lawrence & Atlantic
StLI St. Louis Indiana
StLSF St. Louis San Francisco
SMRR St. Mary\'s Railroad
SWIFT Swift Refrigator Lines
TBRR Teddy Bear Railroad
TA&G Tennessee Alabama and Georgia
TC Tennessee Central
T&P Texas and Pacific
TCT Texas City Terminal
TM Texas Mexican
TMR Texas Mexican Railway
TG Texasgulf
TP&W Toledo, Peoria and Western
TH&B Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo
TT Trailer Train
TP Triangle Pacific
UND Undecorated
UC Union Carbide
UP Union Pacific
PFE Union Pacific - Pacific Fruit Express
UNR Union Railroad
USMC United States Marine Corps
UNL Unlettered
UNP Unpainted
USAF US Air Force
USS US Steel
UFR Utah Front Runner
UR Utah Railway
VTR Vermont Railway
VIA VIA Rail Canada
V&TRR Virginia and Truckee Railroad
VC Virginia Central
VRE Virginia Railway Express
VIR Virginian
WAB Wabash
WAR Warwick
WCE West Coast Express
WSL West Side Lumber Co.
WVP&P West Virginia Pulp & Paper
W&ARR Western and Atlantic Railroad
WM Western Maryland
WP Western Pacific
WRoA Western Railway of Alabama
WTC Weyerhaeuser Timber Company
W&LE Wheeling & Lake Erie
WHP White Pass
W&W Winchester & Western
WSOR Wisconsin and Southern Railroad
WC Wisconsin Central
W&S Wisconson & Southern
YPL Yellow Pine Lumber
YW Yreka Western