Walthers Sales Flyer

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You can order every single US-Product from this flyer, as long as the product is still available in the USA.
Exempted items are german products ( Faller, Vollmer, Busch, etc. )

Shipping takes 2 - 5 weeks

The product's red "Sales-Price" is applicable

The sales price in Euro depends on the currency exchange rates and is only available on request.

Do not order these products in our onlineshop. Just send us an E-Mail or Fax with the subject "Walthers Flyer". Please tell us the quantity, product number, product name and the price

example: 1x 150-8186 Atlas GE B23-7 "Metro-North" Sales Price $188.47

We do also accept your order via phone +49(0)6245-997852