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G scale - flea market

The RD-Hobby flea market contains products for cheap prices. Usually the products have small defects. Read more about the defects in the product description. If a specific defect is not important for you, you might make a very good bargain.

Bachmann Spectrum Box Car - Oxide Brown - "Bemalt, Data only" - Transportschaden -

Item #: B88699A

MSRP: 249,90 € 149,00

In stock - Time of delivery 1-3 days *

(incl. 19% turnover tax plus shipping)

Transportschaden siehe Bilder: - 3 Austiege abgebrochen - 1 Kupplung abgebrochen - Kupplungsstangenhalterung defekt

Komplett neue sehr detailierte Wagen, Metallräder, Klauenkupplung aus Metall Mindestradius 120 cm, 1.20,3

shipping weight: 2,200 kg

* Valid for delivery to Germany. For international delivery see here.